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Our Service

Our expertise on processing the issue becomes the foundation of our competitiveness in relating with the Media. The Media Relation Package is our primary product offerings for those of the institutions who wish to develop the business using a friendly pattern with the Media.

What We Do

Media Relation

  • To analyze the desired outputs
  • To recommend the form of preferred activities, the time and location
  • To provide the press release, or to make corrections on the available press release (if necessary)
  • To invite the Media
  • To arrange press conference
  • To monitor the news
  • To do the mutual report of the activities

Media Discussion

Tatali News Cooperation (TNC) and HOY Cafe provide a space for all people who wish to share. This Wednesday morning discussion means a meeting forum between the media persons and the resource persons. The fundamental of this weekly routine meeting is to obtain a not conflicting view, giving a more depth information on an issue.

Photo Documentation

A variety of business actions and activities need the track records. The documentation can be done using photo media. We have the network with the special photographers for both outdoor and indoor activities.

Documentary Making

We work with a team of experienced cameramen in making documentary film. The team has got used to present the images through a particular angle. They use the images that make the pictures and the presentation become more interesting. Records:

  • Documentation of 50 Million Inhabitants of West Java (BKKBN – UNFPA)
  • A Race of Rice and Baby (BKKBN of West Java)
  • An Advertisement of Population (BKKBN of West Java)

The Making of Advertisement

The advertisement that we have made are more often as Public Service Advertisements of certain programs. This has a support from the Media acquaintances, sharpens the issue to be more up to date.

Internal Media

Our team has got the capacity in making internal media and special media whether for business institution and NGO. We handle a number of internal media, and all of those are still continuing until today.

Advertorial Writing

Our service is also to provide the advertorial writing.